Wheat Pack - Protea Wild

Wheat Pack - Protea Wild

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This multi-purpose heat pack is a great health alternative if you are suffering from inflammation, muscle stiffness, cramps, period pain, arthritis, endometriosis or joint pain 

- takes just 2 minutes in microwave

- contains wheat (unscented)

- comes with a removable washable cover

- 12x40cm 

- Place heat pack on plate with half a cup of water (125ml) for humidity purposes (prevents grain from drying out) on turntable in microwave.

- Test heat pack on forearm for desired temperature. For additional heat, repeat step 1 for 1 min.

- Gently shake heat pack to distribute heat evenly.

- Apply heat pack on desired part of the body.

Heat pack should be completely cool before reheating. Over heating may result in a burning smell being detected and can reduce the life of the heat pack . If over heating occurs, use appropriate utensils or oven mitts and place heat pack immediately on a non-combustible surface e.g. kitchen sink.

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